Road to Legend Setup Edit

1: Each player draws 3 hero sheets and chooses one.

if there are less then 4 players some players must control extra heroes to bring the number up to 4

2: Remove the skills: Bardic Lore, Brawny, and Sharr Brightwing

Replace the skills: Parry, Deflect Arrow, and Willpower.
Remove the Items: Minor Healing, Greater Healing, Superior Healing, and all Treasure Caches containing Invulnerability Potions
WellIconNo WoD: remove any cards with the yellow well icon from the Incident and Dungeon decks.
StoneAlterIconNo AoD: remove any cards with the red stone alter icon from the Incident and Dungeon decks.

3: Choose a party treasurer. Gain 1,200 coins and purchase starting equipment. Only shop items and potions are available at the start of a campaign.Invulnerability potions are not used in the Road to Legend.

4: Place the Terrinoth map and place the hero party marker in Tamalir.

5: Overlord selects an Avatar and places his/her keep on the Terrinoth map at the location indicated on the Avatar sheet.

The Overlord starts with Sir Alric Farrow at the overlord's keep.

6: The overlord has 15 xp to spend on avatar upgrades. This xp does not affect the overlord's conquest total and any not spent now are lost.

7: Choose a Plot and read the flavor text on the zero cost card associated with that Plot and puts it into play.

Journeys in the Dark Setup Edit

1: Choose an Overlord, who then chooses a quest.

2: Choose your heroes. Locate your hero mini.

3: Heroes get 300 coins each and the heath and fatigue token indicated on their chosen hero sheet.

4: Shuffle the skill decks and draw the number and type indicated on each heroes sheet. The players may choose to trade in one skill for another draw from the same deck.

5: Purchase Starting Equipment from the shop or the alchemists lab. Healing and fatigue potions cost 50 coins each, shop items have their cost listed on the bottom of each card.

6: The Heroes receive a number of conquest tokens as indicated by the quest. The conquest tokens represent how well the heroes are doing, they gain conquest for various actions and lose them for dying.

7: Create the game board map pieces only.

8: Add monsters and props to the start area of the dungeon only. Randomly choose chests from the appropriate pile to place on the game board.

9: Place Heroes on or adjacent to the start glyph.

Let the Game BeginEdit

Round Sequence

Resetting the Overlord Deck Edit

At the end of the game, the overlord deck is restored to its original condition, removing all cards that have treachery costs from it and returning the original cards to it.

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